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Story Arcs

It's easy to get panicked when contemplating reading a fictional universe as lengthy as the CATverse seems to be, but don't worry! It's not as scary as it looks. The universe is designed in such a way that you can stop reading at the end of any of the story Arcs and still feel like you got a satisfying ending. Don't want to go beyond The Unkindness of Ravens? You don't have to. The next Arc is there if you want the story to continue.

Worried you might be missing something because one of the fics on the list isn't posted yet? Not a problem! While stories do feed into each other and add to the overall continuity, we've also designed the universe so that unposted stories add to the series once they're posted, but don't take away from it if they're not.

Finally, never fear that every story is a fifty thousand word epic. The vast majority are one-shots, while stories that contain multiple chapters are denoted by these: **

Arc One

Arc Two

Arc Three

Arc Four

Arc Five

Arc Six

Arc Seven