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Comics Guides

[n00b Guide]
If you're completely new to
DC comics, this is where
you want to start, with
the quick and dirty list
of gotta-read books to
get your feet wet.

[Character Primers]
Already know the basics?
Interested in finding out
more about certain characters,
or which books feature them
in majorly awesome ways?
Check out our character

[Free Comics]
Comics? Free? Legally?
And they don't suck?
Yessss! Check out a handful
of DC comics gems made
available from DC's
digital comixology app!

[Awesome Ladies]
If you're looking to
learn more about the spiffy
women of comic books, this
is the place to be. Here we
spotlight the good, the bad
and the weird, from the
mainstream to the obscure.