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Hello and welcome to the CATverse, a massive collaborative Batman fanfiction effort centering on the villains of Gotham City, written by Twinings and BiteMeTechie! Come on in, read some fic and join the masses that celebrate henchwenchery at its silliest!

New News!

SCENE: A grubby hermit in overalls shuffles into frame with a push-broom to sweep up broken links, broken images and dust bunnies. On the way out, she hangs a "Still on Hiatus" sign on the doorknob.

Sometime in the (not so) distant past...

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh CATverse Limbo wgah'nagl fhtagn!

Despite all appearances to the contrary, the CATverse is not dead! We, the architects of this poor little universe in disrepair with its sagging roof and buckling floor boards, are also quite alive, though very busy with Adult Responsibilities and Boring Real Life Crap Like Laundry and Taxes. Your by-now haggard webmistress has gone through three computers since she began work on the CATverse site update, and has had to start from scratch each time. (She's also lost a lot of in progress CATverse fic in the process. Wah.) Here's a scaled down peek at what the new site will look like when it finally debuts in the year 2525, if man is still alive:

We are quietly toiling away on the CATverse, as time/brain permits, but also trying to retain some cheer by even more quietly playing around with other fandoms in the meantime to keep our skills from rusting. (We currently winter in a fantasy kingdom and summer in a post-apocalypse - with a few hideouts in various sunny locales between.)

We will never abandon this thing entirely, even if it looks like we have. We're always picking at something behind the scenes, we just can't seem to finish and post any of it. Part of the problem is that we feel so guilty for feeling overwhelmed and leaving everybody hanging, we just kind of want to hide in a hole and not come out ever again because avoidance is clearly the best solution. (We suck. That's on us.) Hopefully with this little announcement, that mental block we've been struggling with can be overcome.

So I guess this is the official "we're going on hiatus but this is not a cancellation" message. And not in the usual "no we actually mean cancellation but we're too scared to say it" way, either. We have every intention of finishing this thing even if we have to do it when we're cranky old ladies in The Home instead of vaguely frazzled young adults buried under mountains of laundry.

tl;dr: The CATverse isn't dead, it's only sleeping. We love you. Take care of yourselves. WE'LL BE BACK!

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